You can’t be trusted!

Disclaimer: This might sting.

I can’t trust you.

Because you don’t trust yourself.

I come to that conclusion because if you trusted yourself you’d be ok with:

  • Falling, because you know that sorely getting up is part of the learning.
  • Countless hours without sleep because you are aiming for mastery.
  • Sacrificing looking fabulously broke for being busted and wealthy.
  • Sticking with one thing until you get the check or recognition you desire/earn.
  • Outpacing yourself each day (my today vs. my yesterday) rather than keeping up with the insta-famous.

Oh, and I could go on and on and on…but I won’t because you get the idea.

I say all of this to say that I get it. I reflect all the time, pretty much weekly, on what year one, two, five, seven, and ten looked like for my business. And…I wanted more. I get it. I understand.

I understand not having money and trying to figure out “how”. But my dear sweets if you are chasing money versus excellence, longevity, consistency, or legacy, you might always be chasing. You can get paid to do tons of things quickly but how do you develop long-term stay-ability?

I understand being good at several things and wanting to offer all of them at the jump. But is the goal to be good or to be great? Is the goal to pile it all on no matter the quality or build and add on as you gain your footing? You will have to decide for yourself.

I understand wanting to be and build a brand. Here’s the good news, at least in my book, 1) You already are a brand, but let me be clear, 2) the brand is more than a logo, bangin’ on social media, or being paid as an influencer; but what’s the difference between you and the most successful brands 3) the ability to mobilize and monetize. So do you think maybe we can focus on providing the quality of the brand rather than “just” being a brand?I understand needing the phone to ring…because that’s how we get paid. But my dear love if your audience is confused, can’t articulate what you do in one sentence, or can’t refer your business, then we might need to work on mastering how we share the “little” as we prepare (and that’s what all of this is for) for the “lot”.

I understand wanting everyone to want the service, product, or influence that is offered. But sadly everyone is not your ideal customer. Let’s take a step back and truly define who you want to do business with you. And maybe more importantly who would want to do business with you. I have a saying, “the only one who can mass market is God. Everyone else must target.” Let’s find out what problem we solve, who has that problem, and duplicate them over and over again.

If you know me then you know sometimes the only way I can get you to listen is to gut punch. BUT, I say all of this out of love.

With all this said, I want to trust you. I need to trust you. Your audience needs to trust you. But most importantly, you need to trust yourself.

Cheers to trusting the person in the mirror!