Kia’s Worked with Some Happy Leaders

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skills regarding storytelling and effective communication during our 2017 Annual Council on Developmental Disabilities Retreat! Your keynote and skills-building workshop were energizing and challenged our Council members and staff to think critically about how we tell stories in meaningful ways about our impact and our personal connection to the Council’s work.

- wanda willis

Kia is a valuable addition to the CNM family of experts. She has a singular ability to make complex issues more approachable and to help even our small member organizations to see opportunity in social media, branding and community building. It can be challenging for a small organization to understand and embrace the value of marketing but Kia works through that to find the highest impact and to set priorities that are achievable and impactful.

- kim carpenter drake

What a cheerleader! Sometimes quiet, yet most times not. Either way, Kia Jarmon is always confident in who I am and my vision. More times than not she has her finger on the pulse when I felt like a flatliner. I love Kia. Not only could I not have been so successful without her, but I could not think of any other person I would want to march on the field with in this quarter of the game. Our biggest plays are yet to come. Thank you for believing, listening, fighting, co-signing, coaching, learning, never quitting and inspiring me.

- mignon francois

Kia did a wonderful job at educating nonprofits on strategic marketing strategies. Her dynamic energy and deep expertise was crucial to simplifying the marketing process for nonprofits. Participants walked away with the tools to incorporate their unique marketing plan to enhance their outreach.

- elle benson

Kia Jarmon was right on target with a conversation about balance.  At Cable’s Empower and Connect session at Goodwill Industries December 4, she reminded us about making decisions, owning our time, respecting that we needed to fill ourselves before we could share, and how not to criticize others as they did the same. Need somebody to disrupt your thinking to get it into an effective place, call Kia!

- patricia smith