From an early age, Jarmon's parents received report card notes that saying she talked too much. It comes as no surprise that, that time was preparing her for a lifetime of getting paid to speak - which she's been doing for more than a decade.

Witty and sharp, some may even describe her as candidly caring, she brings a matter-of-fact and practical approach to reshaping the narrative of how we communicate. Her goal is to help facilitate the ramblings and thoughts in your head and work with leaders to put them into a tangible action plan. 

Kia is available to provide custom workshops, facilitate a training, or deliver a compelling keynote to a small work group or a conference room filled with thousands.

Her most popular sessions focus on:

  • intercultural communications - how we go from knowing we exist to co-creation

  • community engagement - developing a trust building program that goes from general engagement to joint investment

  • public relations - how to meet your desired audience where they are

  • storytelling - capture donors, volunteers, board members and even staff through a culture of storytelling

  • nonprofit communication - how to go from ego-centered to mission driven

  • leadership development - your mission within the mission: connecting with your why

  • leadership development - aligning your company value with an individuals values

  • personal branding for leaders - 5 step personal brand system for leaders (and aspiring leaders): you are a brand, own it or it owns you

Other topics include:

  • entrepreneurship

  • diversity, equity and inclusion

  • small business success