Community Builder


At the center of Kia’s work is people and how they are impacted by a system process, message, program, or policy. She’s worked alongside thousands of people on community driven design processes that turn into long-range plans and developments.

From a local art commission looking to build a public art community investment plan, to a transit referendum, to a nonprofit developer finalizing a re-zoning package for a new affordable housing development, to a government housing authority looking to envision a mixed-use community Kia brings innovation, psychology, and entrepreneurial thinking along with a proven methodology to each engagement. Her philosophy is “community engagement builds community trust which leads to community resilience.”

Trusted Advisor


“Business therapist! That’s what I’d call you,” shared a longtime client who’d always been challenged by the limits the public relations title put on Kia’s actual impact.

Kia is a professional problem solver that gets to the root of challenges - whether present or anticipated for the future. Along with her clients, she focuses on process and people improvement that increases company culture, internal and external communication, and strategic longterm growth. It is this practice that has afforded her the opportunity to work with nonprofit and for-profit organizations to build and grow a resilient organization.

Professional Speaker


Engaging, disruptive, and hands-on, are all words used to describe Kia’s delivery. From a keynote presentation to a workshop, panel moderator to an ignite talk, Jarmon brings a candidly caring wit to each audience - from school age to the C-Suite.

In addition she develops custom, tangible content such as a workbook or worksheet to strongly encourage participants to take immediate action.

Trained Facilitator


“I’m here to facilitate the many, and sometimes conflicting, thoughts in your head,” Kia shares as she begins a session with an individual or small group. Facilitation takes a special skill that encompasses equal parts listening and interpreting. Kia uses her background as a communicator and crisis manager coupled with knowledge of human behavior to work in collaboration with groups looking to facilitate major changes without overwhelming disruption within their organization.