I've Got Two Moms & They're Not Lesbians

For most people it is no secret that I have two wonderful, fabulous, and loving moms.  No, they are not lesbians (although I would love them just the same if they were).  Allow me to introduce you to my birth mother, Angela Woods, and my earth mother*, lol, Lafrieda Jarmon.  *the universe brought us together :)

Enough of the mushy and on to the business.  In light of the upcoming weekend of Mother’s Day I thought it was only fitting to share what I learned from my moms and how they are applicable to business.

Keep laughing: Most people probably have no idea that I am such a serious person by nature and it was in high school that I learned just how LOUD and fabulous my laugh was :) My mom Angela has the same laugh and I realized something….people love cheerful people!  We have been taught that in most business and corporate environments we are to be stark and (quite frankly) uninteresting.  However, when I walk into a room and share my laughter you would be surprised how infectious it becomes.  While every room is not meant to be full of chuckles sometimes we can take ourselves way to seriously and should just learn to LAUGH.

Patience: I think I have been blessed to have two mothers who have shown me SOOO much patience. Remember I said I am serious, I believe I came out of the womb with a business plan, and even though I have 3 sisters and a brother I like my fair amount of attention!  Their example has taken years for me to adopt but they never wavered in their commitment to slow down and be patient with me.  I have owned my business for six years and most entrepreneurs will agree that it takes time and patience, among a list of other things, to develop your formula.  I am grateful that I learned early to take my time and not rush through this process for the quicker and perceived “success”.  Instead, I am able to see the progress and the growth because I was patient enough to see it through.  The saying goes…“It may not come when you want it but it will come on time.” So true!

Forgiveness: Sometimes in business we interact with colleagues or peers that absolutely do us wrong.  Personally, that stings.  But professionally you have to learn to forgive and move on.  Parents have an innate ability to forgive their children for even the most absurd actions and because of their quick forgiveness of me I have learned the power of forgiving others, quickly.

While I have learned a million + things from my parents I seem to lean on these the  most.

Happy Mother’s Day to my moms and yours!

Kia Jarmon is a brand strategist and PR coach with boutique public relations firm, The MEPR Agency, based in Nashville, TN.  She speaks, blogs, mentors, and is soon to be an author.  You can find more information at her personal brand site, www.KiaJarmon.com.