Mediation is not just for court...

Kia, and the amazing team at MEPR Agency, work with organizations almost weekly who are experiencing a hardship. Sometimes that looks like a company who has recently had an employee leave (and they take half the clients with them), other times that looks like a board president or chairman holding the organization hostage because they are also the founder, and in many cases it can look like an organization that's phone and email systems are on the fritz for more than an hour. Ultimately, all of these are a business interruption. 

After working on countless crises and business interruption plans, and participating in mediation with clients, Kia wanted to add a complementary service to the current communication work she provides. She completed the 40 hours necessary to becoming a trained civil mediator to intersect crisis and communication in a greater way.

While available to work during litigation, it is Kia's desire to work with businesses and nonprofits to help navigate the sometimes painful experience of running a business. Whether a challenge on social media, internal conflict with employees, or any other issue that would bring you to consider a lawsuit, Kia is trained and qualified to facilitate a pre-litigation mediation session. 

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