You can’t be trusted! by Kia Jarmon

I can’t trust you.

Because you don’t trust yourself.

I understand not having money and trying to figure out “how”. But my dear sweets if you are chasing money versus excellence, longevity, consistency, or legacy, you might always be chasing. You can get paid to do tons of things quickly but how do you develop long-term stay-ability?

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How to Reach Your Greatest Potential by Kia Jarmon

Align Passion with Calling. I am always asked about the first steps of business building are and this is my answer. Passion alone is not enough reason to start something because as you can imagine we can find ourselves passionate about quite a few things. Instead it is the act of bridging the powerful emotion and boundless enthusiasm (passion) with what awakens you or is the reason you were placed here that will make waking up everyday to do some of the hardest activities seem rewarding. Here is another way of thinking about it. What will never happen because you didn’t create it?

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