Everyone Should Tell Their Own Stories...

Before it was a buzzword, Jarmon was an early adopter and advocate of the power of storytelling.  As a young PR professional she understood the value of connecting with people beyond press releases and media mentions.

Early in her career, many times to no avail, she trained and coerced news reporters to share stories on social media. Often sharing, "it's unfortunate that the only time you can break news is during the dedicated broadcast".

It was May 2010 that what she had been saying was proven to be true. Nashville was hit with a fatal flood that claimed many lives, homes, businesses, and communities. Many newscasters were reliant on news tips, videos that people sent in, and updates from first responders. There was only one news anchor who used twitter to connect with viewers: Christina Medella.

During that same time, students at Tennessee State University were reporting live from the flooded streets on twitter and people were paying more attention to social media than to the traditional news. It was then that Kia truly realized the power to own the narrative.

You are the media. This is how we treat our clients. We develop, gather, and distribute stories that connect with people. Sometimes that means it won't connect with traditional news. That is ok.

Kia Jarmon is a storyteller. And you are too.

If you need a storytelling workshop, a guide to developing a storytelling culture, a produced storytelling tour, or storytelling content - like podcast, video, web or photography, connect with Kia at info@mepragency.com or complete the form below.

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