Nonprofit is a Tax Status, Not a Business Strategy...

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For nearly a decade Kia has worked with hundreds of nonprofits to help them think more entrepreneurially. Her goal: to push them out of their own way, showing them how to navigate their organization like a business, developing goals to support the mission above ego (i.e. the needs of a founder or ineffective board). 

Whether a custom workshop, keynote, consulting project, or long-term implementation, Kia focuses on the following topics:

  • board governance and the danger of a misaligned board
  • developing a culture of storytelling
  • internal communications: how to connect the board, volunteer, and staff with the mission
  • diversity and inclusion planning: diversity is more than black and white
  • fundraising for the next generation - developing a plan for generational philanthropy and the power of the "netflix"able gift
  • social media - why you might not use that platform anymore (and live social reporting as seen in the photo above)
  • ego vs mission - stop developing new programs to meet restricted grant requirements 
  • crisis communications - a business interruption can be costly
  • + more

There are also instances where Jarmon works with nonprofit leadership on coaching and professional development to enhance their communication skills. 

Additionally, MEPR Agency develops a variety of tools to support program and fundraising initiatives like cases for support, fundraising and marketing plans, and a full suite of brand development services (including video, photography, and web and graphic designs).

Kia is also a consultant with the Center for Nonprofit Management.

To learn more about how to one of these or a number of other topics, contact Kia at or complete the form below.

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