A Born Entrepreneur...

...put on this earth to think and be different in her approach. Owning a business doesn't make her an entrepreneur, it's the way she thinks through a process, the risks she's willing to take, the constant push for excellence, and the way she serves others. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and is more than a title but a commitment. Her burning desire goes beyond fleeting motivation and passion but instead taps into daily discipline and a higher calling.

...who does not believe in operating business, life, or anything in between as "business as usual". Her goal is to help you or your organization become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. As a disruptor, she does that by requiring that you push harder, think deeper, and go farther than you've ever gone before to do something more than "this is how we've always done it".

...that has to push beyond being in the box. Whether that be the box placed around her because people are uncomfortable with what they don't understand, or if it's the box that some are looking to check in order to fulfill a quota. She can't be contained in either and won't tolerate the latter from the clients she serves.

Learn more about her entrepreneurial endeavors at MEPR Agency.