kia jarmon red carpet

At the Core of Everything, There's Communication...

Every person...must communicate to connect in relationships.

Every business...must communicate to build trust that lead to a change - in purpose or profits.

Every nonprofit...must communicate to highlight their impact.

Everyone communicates. Everything communicates. Every moment has a story to share.

There isn't a single moment in our lives where we aren't communicating something. Even in the most silent moments, something is being shared.

Jarmon has built her professional career on the claim that everyone has a story to tell and everyones voice (and lived experience) deserves to be honored.

She is a foundational communicator, helping organizations think of how to communicate at the core of their business, often embedding strategy into the overall operational strategic plan, which leads to long-term stay-ability.

Because of her work, she's won some incredible awards. However, while the awards are appreciated, her mission is to use the platform these awards provide to enhance representation among students of color in the communications field. She often mentors and guides young people to showcase what consistent focus and being a forever learner will provide you.

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Also, learn more about MEPR Agency, the people-centered, public relations and community engagement firm Jarmon started in 2006. We always are hiring. 

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