Dear Graduate... by Kia Jarmon

It’s the end of the school year. This is the end of the education road for some as they say goodbye to high school and college. As we celebrate them and send them good wishes I’d like to share something. For the love of whatever you hold holy stop with the bull advice about finding the job of your dreams immediately and saving the world. Some, like the smallest percentage, will do that and others need to get a dose of reality.

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You can’t be trusted! by Kia Jarmon

I can’t trust you.

Because you don’t trust yourself.

I understand not having money and trying to figure out “how”. But my dear sweets if you are chasing money versus excellence, longevity, consistency, or legacy, you might always be chasing. You can get paid to do tons of things quickly but how do you develop long-term stay-ability?

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