How to Live Your Best Life. by Kia Jarmon

While we are in the season of endings and beginnings and gratitude and thanksgiving, I thought I’d share some of my tools to living my absolute best life.

Here is an affirmation that might help in the meantime.

I will forget yesterday and not think about tomorrow but instead be totally present for today. I desire to experience the fullness of the day; celebrating even the smallest successes, appreciating love that blossoms, and providing smiles for mishaps that try and push there way through. And so it is.

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How to Become a Public Speaker by Kia Jarmon

I have also learned that we are obsessed with validating titles and “glory without the story”. This usually leads to the a question, I’ve received a time or ten, “how can I do what you do?” While that means varying things based on the encounter, as of late, it has translated into, “how can I become a professional speaker?” 

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12 Lessons Learned in 12 Years of (this)Business by Kia Jarmon

The last twelve years have seemed to fly by. I know, I know, everyone says that but really, it’s true. It’s why we have to live life to the fullest because we’ll never get the time back. 

So, what have I learned? Enough to fill a library with an overflow storage space. But to protect your time and my fingers from typing, I’ll give you 12 amazing lessons that I hope you appreciate. 

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